Family Restoration Ministry

Ezequiel Rojo

We are proud to offer you our volunteer services in partnership with the US FEDERAL CHAPLAIN AGENCY, to help you to explore and strengthen your spiritual connection. Our dedicated chaplains are ready to walk with you on your way of faith.

"Chaplains: Inspiring, Accompanying, Healing"

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We work in conjunction with:


All our community services are voluntary and non-profit.

Hospital Accompaniment:

Providing emotional and spiritual support for patients and its relatives, and for medical staff in hospital environments.

Support in Crisis Situations:

Being present to provide spiritual support in moments of crisis, such as natural disasters, serious accidents, or traumatic events.

Consultation in Nursing Homes:

Providing spiritual support for residents in nursing homes and their families, addressing matters of meaning and transcendence.

Need some support?

If you’re going through a tough time and need any kind of spiritual support, don’t hesitate to call. We’re here for you.

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Personalized Spiritual Support.

Discover a space dedicated to provide counseling and spiritual support for families, marriages, children, and teenagers tailored to their individual needs. Our chaplains are here to guide you on your spiritual journey, offering comfort and wisdom every step of the way.

Consultation in Educational Institutions:

Providing spiritual counseling and emotional support for students, teachers, and staff in educational institutions.

Participation in Community Celebrations:

Collaborating in community events, festivals, and religious celebrations to strengthen the sense of community and spiritual connection.


Providing spiritual support for employees in workplace settings, helping them to manage stress, work-related challenges, and offering ethical guidance.


We are a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the community voluntarily. Our values are rooted in the love for what we do and the difference we make by serving others.

In crucial moments of life, our team of chaplains are here to provide comfort and spiritual support. Whatever your situation is, we are committed to being there for you


Join Our Chaplain Training Program: Cultivating Compassionate Spiritual Leaders.

Do you have a passion for serving others in times of spiritual need? Would you like to play a meaningful role in providing emotional and spiritual support for people in various settings? Then, our chaplain training program is perfect for you!

Your generosity can make a significant difference in the lifes of those seeking spiritual support in difficult times. With your donation, you can help us to continue to provide comfort, hope, and spiritual guidance to those who need it most.




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